Introduction to Safeguarding Children

Reporting the abuse

It can be helpful to make some notes on what the child said to you, trying to keep this as accurate as possible.

You can report the abuse to the NSPCC helpline at any time where a helpline counsellor will speak with you about what the child has said and advise you on what needs to happen next.

If the NSPCC decide a child is at risk of harm or is in need, they will:

  • ask you to provide the child’s details (name, age, address) as well as any information you have about the alleged abuser
  • take detailed notes of the concern
  • share this information with children’s services as well as the police, if necessary
  • advise you on any other support available to you
  • You can find out more information about what to expect when you contact the NSPCC on the reporting abuse page.

You can also report abuse directly to children’s services where the child is living.

If a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999

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